MESA COSA : Infernal cakewalk

MESA COSA : Infernal cakewalk

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The Infernal Cakewalk EP captures Mesa Cosa’s “the Stooges walk into a Tequila bar” live attitude in a “hey, we put out a record!” kind of way.

"Imagine if The Birthday Party and the Dead Kennedys had a baby together. Mesa Cosa, specialising in highly impactful and in your face garage rock, featuring guitar torture and screaming vocals of the highest order, would be the result. This is a party band to be reckoned with" - Tonedeaf

"Pure, energetic, punk, mayhem" - Inpress

"Mesa Cosa ... give you the feeling they’re the greatest sloppy fun time band in the world at this moment" K.G Alvarez

"Mexican garage noise, messy angry fuzzy loud melodic garage rock. Lots of whooas and aahs. Spanish. Do want." Al Kinsey 

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