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BAD RELIGION : The empire strikes first


BAD RELIGION se forment à Los Angeles en 1980 et figurent parmi les groupes punk américains les plus influents de tous les temps. Ils ont sorti dix-sept albums dont ils ont vendu plus de cinq millions de disques et continuent de remplir les salles à travers le monde.

Avec un mélange unique de hardcore mélodique et de textes qui provoquent et donnent à réfléchir, BAD RELIGION ont frayé la voie de l'explosion du punk rock dans les années 1990, ouvrant les portes à des groupes comme NOFX, The Offspring, Rancid, Green Day et Blink-182, qui toucheront alors le grand public. Ils ont montré au monde ce que pouvait être le punk et continuent à diffuser leur message une chanson, un concert et une tournée à la fois.

The Empire Strikes First... 14 songs that are fresh, focused, and absolutely alive in the way that great rock 'n' roll energizes everything it touches. It's been a long road from their early-80s beginnings, but these days, the primary concerns of Graffin and Gurewitz are not the band's intricate (and subtle) years-long evolution; they're first and foremost topical songwriters focused on domestic chaos and its global manifestation. Bad Religion is, after all, the outfit that, during the first Gulf War in 1991, shared a Maximum Rock 'n' Roll split seven-inch with radical MIT professor Noam Chomsky, who, like them, is locked into the tense present and dedicated to exposing the forces who lie and disguise to deepen and enforce human misery.

The truth is that after 20+ years, Bad Religion meet the present day not only unfettered by nostalgia, but hardwired into the moment. Fans take the band's growth and standards for granted. It's tempting to say-- though impossible to prove-- that the The Empire Strikes First is a such a terrific album because vocalist Graffin and guitarist Gurewitz, the band's most important creative forces, are responding to the death, desolation, and destruction of war, and to the concurrent attacks on the Bill of Rights; it seems more than just a happy accident that the band has just delivered one of its most charged and inspired records in years.

BAD RELIGION : The empire strikes first


  1. Overture
  2. Sinister Rouge
  3. Social Suicide
  4. Atheist Peace
  5. All There Is
  6. Los Angeles Is Burning
  7. Let Them Eat War
  8. God’s Love
  9. To Another Abyss
  10. The Quickening
  11. The Empire Strikes First
  12. Beyond Electric Dreams
  13. Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever
  14. Live Again – The Fall Of Man

• Features the hit single “Los Angeles Is Burning”
• Features guest vocals from Sage Francis on “Let Them Eat War”
• Features Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) on guitar on “Los Angeles Is Burning”
• Produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Joe Baressi (Tool, Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age)
• “Bad Religion’s new effort is possibly their most innovative and unique record ever.” (
• “The Empire Strikes First is the perfect progression for Bad Religion as very influential artists, as well as very relevant social commentators.” (

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U.S. Release Date: July 26, 2005

E.U. Release Date: June 7, 2004

Label: Epitaph

Recording Year: 2004