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PETER BLACK : I'm Gonna Cheat As Much As I Can


Depuis 1982, Peter ‘’Blackie‘’ Black joue sein des Hard-Ons, groupe légendaire de la scène punk australienne. Peter Black, encouragé par ses amis de jeu, se lance en solo, certes acoustique, mais non moins tordu, mélodique et surprenant que ses projets électrisés ! On retrouve ses talents de songwriter accompagnés de sa voix, unique, qui font le charme et la particularité des Hard-Ons.

IMPORT/ Australia

PETER BLACK : I'm Gonna Cheat As Much As I Can

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Paru le 27 novembre 2020 

Recorded together with "If This Is The Hand That I'm Dealt" at Pet Food Factory.. sessions between 13th - 15th august 
8th - 9th November one more day 21st Nov 2018 

Engineering up a storm by Jay Whalley who also got roped into playing piano on Return Of The KeyJangler and keys on Unfurl.. vocals on Sky With Diamonds and on side 2 tracks 1, 2, 5 and 6.. and (but wait there'e more) hand claps and foot stomps on Looking For A Hug .. phew lucky i didn't get charged extra! As always the wonderful Joel Ellis plays all the drums. Again outrageously talented Heather Shannon did Orchestral arrangements on Lick Ya Toe's , Incident at Rozelle and Never Say Things Twice.. plays the bass on Say Things Twice and Unfurl and the keys on Procedure's. Ray Ahn is on bass Shy With Diamonds, Steering Wheel and Safety 
Net.. Lauren Friedman joins me singing on and cause he was in the studio doing work experience JeromyParry-Ewing had to do vocals, hand claps and foot stomps on 
Aussie spiritual I'm NOT Looking For A Hug the seagulls on unfurl .. wasn't entirely comfortable with howwe got em to do that but Jay .. as you all know from "Bird Attack" (slightly bitter) just said "fuck em and no one needs to know this" 

Mixing up a storm by Lachlan Mitchell sessions 20th-27th Feb March 3rd, 4th, 17th and 25th 
wrapped up April the 1st 2020 i shit ya not, all at the Boom Ciao Studio. 

Mastered up a storm (i'm pushing it eh? that doesn't really work??) by William Bowden at King Willy Sound 

Art by Daniel Irons 

"my keys" and turtle KaKa both from wonderful Polly 

All songs written and performed by Peter Black 

Peter Black is published by Perfect Pitch Publishing